President's Welcome


Marcus "SpeakEasy" Gibbons

My name is Marcus “SpeakEasy” Gibbons, newly elected President of the South Augusta, Georgia Chapter of Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. We all take pride in wearing our colors, and we also mirror the 3 objectives of the Founder which are 1). Riding Motorcycles 2). Community Service  3). Educating the general public on the rich history of 9th & 10th cavalry.  Brotherhood, Sisterhood is also one of the foundations of this great organization that keeps us all united. My Iron Horse of choice is a 2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited. Using motorcycle safety and education as our platform, our mission is to promote the history and uphold the legacy of the 9th and 10th Calvary Regiments known as the Buffalo Soldiers through positive interactions, influences, and service to our community and its members. Our goal is to accomplish this by creating a positive presence in the community, living our lives as a positive example, and mentoring and educating today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders. Our end state is a better community built on knowledge, respect, and a thorough understanding of history and the sacrifices of those before us. We  are better prepared to move forward and make positive contributions in our community.







P.O. Box 9861

Augusta, Georgia 30916

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